New Partnership for DESCOR® Certified Installs

JSS Installations are excited to announce their partnership with Mainwaring & Partners Ltd, a specialist UK distributor for technical textiles for digital print. JSS along with M&P gathered at PONGS Technical Textiles’ modern facility in Mühltroff, Germany, to attend a one-day full training on the DESCOR® range of textiles.

As of now, JSS have become the official installer for Pong’s DESCOR® systems in the UK for commercial & high-end residential projects. With this new partnership, JSS are fully equipped and ready to install the guaranteed quality perimeter track system with the finest textiles made in Germany supplied by Mainwaring & Partners for the UK market.

Adding JSS’ expertise along with the best quality textiles on the market, you’ve got an excellent solution to exceed your expectations. Pong’s DESCOR® systems have proven an excellent application for walls and ceilings with a multitude of useful properties – check out each brief product description below.

DESCOR® premium: a fantastic quality textile for wall and ceiling covering – no need for paste or worry about an eventual mess when installing wall art. With DESCOR® you can now interchange images and patterns any time within an installed perimeter track. A superb colour rendering textile, DESCOR® premium is tear resistant, washable and ideal for home décor, and interior design for all environments.

DESCOR® premium acoustic: promoting a stress-free environment for schools, gymnasiums, work-spaces, and more, DESCOR® premium acoustic is a fabulous solution for noise control. Installed on walls as well as ceiling, DESCOR® premium acoustic has sound acoustic properties made possible with the acoustic fleece and can also be digitally printed on.

DESCOR® Antibac: for dental clinics, hospitals wards, elderly homes, nurseries and other public places where health and hygiene are on the top priority. DESCOR® Antibac is treated with Sanitized® technology to bring you a bacteria-resistant textile. Applied on walls or ceiling, this product has important properties to neutralize the risks of mold, bacteria and other parasites that are prone to incubate on textiles and wall surfaces.

Silencio 5: Silencio 5 is a unique textile with a honeycomb structure of 5mm thickness. With widths of up to 5.20 meters, the Silencio textile fits superbly for wall covering and stretch ceilings. You get brilliant sound reducing colourful murals with a unique textured edge. Indeed, the German made Silencio 5 is suitable for digital printing with HP Latex. This textile also comes in 15 beautiful solid colours.

Akutex: Amongst the special technical textiles, Akutex helps achieve wonders in interior decoration with its maximum Class A sound absorption and unique crepe weave.  Its weaving production process makes it crease resistant and more durable. Ideal for sound absorbing stretch ceiling and upholstery.

Artist Mambo: Artist Mambo is an excellent quality polyester backlit to use on LED frames. Not only does this textile provide fantastic light diffusion, but Artist Mambo is also 99.9% resistant to stress whitening. As it is often the case, putting tension on the material while installing it could result in slightly damaging the backlit but nevertheless destroying its effect and durability. But then, since Artist Mambo is slightly elastic, it gives in just enough to mount on the frame – no harm done. Additionally, the product is also crease resistant and flame retardant, making it ideal for transport to achieve the most sophisticated projects.